Workshops with Gaea Lady!

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Workshops with Gaea Lady!

from 25.00

Join us for an evening of workshops with Gaea Lady (Chicago), Winner 2016 Best Debut & Most Classic Burlesque Hall of Fame!

Take both classes and get a discount!

Date: Friday May 31st
Time: 7-9:30pm
Location: Vertical Fix Aerial Art | 7425 S Harl Ave Tempe

Divine Bump ‘n Grind

Time: 7-8pm
Cost: $25

It's all in those hips.  
The source of creativity, inspiration, sexuality, and power resides in our hips. So much is stored within our pelvic girdle :  bones, intricately woven muscle tendons and tissues, sexual organs, energetic centers, and the mysteries of what we cannot see.
In this quick paced & energetic class, we connect to the source of our pelvic power while Perfecting bumps, grinds, pops, shimmies, and undulations. Merging many forms of dance together : burlesque, bellydance, hip hop, and jazz :  to ultimately let loose and dance the divine feminine within each of us.

Silk Veil and Fabric Manipulation

Time: 8-9:30pm
Cost: $40

Silk ripples like water & flows like air.  It is strong, supple, sensual, and steeped in stories and history.  Combined with light and movement, silk invokes dramatic magic for the human senses.

Join Gaea Lady in exploring movement & dance with silk - learning specific movements, patterns, and techniques to integrate dancer and fabric together.  We'll explore dynamic whips, dreamy floats, weaves, infinite recursive spins, drapes, wraps, and improvisation to ignite the senses and the creativity within.   Students will dance with unweighted & weighted veils and flags- learning the basics of this specialty custom veil.

Students should bring a silk or light fabric veil, at least 4x8 feet.  Students can also bring large fabric costume pieces for improvisation in class.  Gaea will have a limited amount of veils available for use, borrow, and sale.
For custom orders in advance, contact ​  

Classes open to all levels!

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