Costume Embellishments with Amber Ray

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Amber_ 5.jpg

Costume Embellishments with Amber Ray


Date: Monday March 5th
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Cost: $25
Location: Vertical Fix Aerial Arts | 7425 S. Harl Ave Tempe, AZ

Amber Ray is known for her costuming skills... especially her costume embellishments!

Take this hour and a half workshop to learn about what tools to use, what kind of embellishments to use and where to get them, what you can do with an array of supplies and how these techniques make the most layered and luscious costume adornments.

Bring a pencil and paper, a project you are working on...any materials, and any of your own trims or appliqués you might have questions about as the last half hour will be about helping you get your ideas into action.

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