Introducing The Art of Burlesque
with Spellbound Burlesque!

We are so excited to announce two series based classes for students! If you've ever wanted to try burlesque or are looking to improve upon your skill set as a performer, we have classes taught by award-winning burlesque performers Maxi Millions & Frankie Fillmore that are fun, sexy, and all about the tease! These 8 week courses are designed to teach you burlesque foundations & act development / improvement for performers, beginners, and the simply burlesque curious!

*Pre-Registration is required as space is very limited! To sign up CLICK HERE and then select the 'Spellbound Burlesque' Tab*

Burlesque Basics: Thursdays March 15 - May 3 | 7pm
In this fun class, Frankie Fillmore and Maxi Millions will introduce students 18 years and older to the wonderful world of burlesque. Class curriculum includes a warm-up, stretches, isolations, combinations and props. Through a variety of stretches and strengthening exercises, dancers will also increase their awareness of their own body's potential as it connects to expression through movement. Whether your goal is to be on a stage or just learn to love your body and show off in the privacy of your bedroom, we can help you find your sexy.

Burlesque Intensive: Fabric Play Thursdays March 15 - April 5 | 8pm

Make serious waves with fabric! In this 4-week intensive, Maxi Millions & Frankie Fillmore will break down the basics of using fabric to create beautiful lines & movement on the stage! From panel skirts, robes / dusters, & silk fans, learn the skills to create mesmerizing moments with a flick of the wrist!
Prerequisites: Burlesque Basics preferred but not required.

Bring / Wear: Panel skirts & silk fans will be provided. Students also encouraged to bring airy sheer robes and / or panel skirts, if they have them. Heels strongly encouraged.

Classes are held at: Vertical Fix | 7425 S. Harl Ave. Tempe, AZ

CLICK HERE to sign up & then select the "Spellbound Burlesque" Tab! 


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